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I found this cartoon on the Left Wing Wacko blog, after following a link through from the excellent revolutionary socialist radio show / podcast, Seeing Red Radio.

Is this you?

Is this you?



I’ve started this blog as an attempt to work through my own position in terms of the radical/revolutionary left.  I’m going to use my posts to set out my thinking on issues that I think I need to clarify for myself, and also to link to other resources and bloggers that might be interesting to other people on a similar journey.  I’m an academic who spends most of their time thinking about the links between culture and social policy and my background matches these interests: I’ve been a DJ, been involved in arts events and worked in social regeneration and community development.  Conceptually, I’m probably a Marxist.  I say probably because I’m well aware that not only did Marx dis-own the term, but numerous groups claim ownership rights for themselves in this field.  Where I differ from classical Marxism is in the base / superstructure split – I’m rejecting the view that cultural activity is dependent solely on the economic ‘base’ of a society, preferring to see culture more in Bourdieu’s terms as embodying a particular form of symbolic capital which, although it is overdetermined by economic conditions, cannot be reduced to them.  Phew…..

I may well be a post-Marxist, although I’m not sure anyone knows how to verify that.  A Very Public Sociologist has an excellent overview of the genealogy of this term on his blog, casting it in a not-altogether positive light.

I’m going to try and populate this blog with as many useful links and widgets as possible, but bear with me……